Young Socialist Student Society (1/16)

YSSS: The YSSS Central Monument (2007)

Ink on headed paper, 210 × 297mm.

From A Problem Shared…Sassoon Gallery, London SE15.

Every artist has something they have kept around them because ‘some day’ they hope to use it, not really knowing what they will do with it. As all werewolves trust one another they have relinquished these problems, letting another solve them. Each of the eight werewolves have given another a problem; a thread of inspiration that has been nagging them. These problems have now been shared, halved and resolved. The exhibition therefore contains eight resolutions and unifies disparate practices.

The Werewolves of London are: Michael Lawton, Claire McArdle, Mike Ryder, Luke Drozd, George Cutts, Edward Newton, Emma-Jane Portway and Tom Railton

I gave a box full of heads cut from magazines. I was given 16 sheets of YSSS headed paper. A Problem Shared images.