Fiske, Gray, Eagan, and O’Brien

Fiske, Gray, Eagan, and O’Brien (2012)

Acrylic and ink on paper, 210 × 297mm.

The forgotten story of…those magnificent men and their flying bobsled by Andy Bull.

The sled careened down the mountain. Sixty miles an hour and still accelerating. The runners shrieked on the ice. One after another come the blinding banks, 10, 20, 30 feet high. The four rattling riders leaned over, helpless, straining, gasping for breath against the wind. They were hardly in control at all. Blinded by spray, tears streamed from their eyes as they raced towards Shady corner. The sled was doing 70mph when it hit the top of the incline. 500 pounds of steel and oak, it smashed through the top of the bank. Four bodies hurtled through the air, and disappeared into the ravine alongside the track…