Danish Dynamite

Danish Dynamite (2012)

Watercolour on paper, 210 × 297mm.

The forgotten story of … Danish Dynamite, the Denmark side of the mid-80s by Rob Smyth and Lars Eriksen.

Winning is for losers. Many of life’s more interesting stories focus on those who didn’t quite make it; who didn’t get the girl or the job or the epiphany or even the Jules Rimet trophy. Johan Cruyff said his Holland side of the 70s were immortalised by their failure to win the World Cup and, when World Soccer invited a group of experts to select the greatest teams of all time a couple of years ago, three of the top five sides won nothing: Hungary 1953, Holland 1974 and Brazil 1982. Lying 16th on the list – above any side from Argentina, Spain, Germany, Liverpool, Manchester United or Internazionale – was the Danish team of the mid-80s…Read the full Guardian article here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2009/oct/13/forgotten-story-denmark-1980s

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